I've never forgotten about you even for a single day
♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

4 sept .

Salam Ukhwah buat semua =)

Today is 4 sept 2012 ...
Well , just wanna announce to everyone that today is his birthday ! [4/9 - Tuesday] .
The best ever present that he got is History exam paper ! haha ! He must did it greatly ! haha . btw , i wished him last night . But just wonder if i'm not the first person who was wishing him . yala , i knw that he got lot of fangirl =) But i'm not really want he think that .. wahh , syahirah is the first person who's wish me or so what ever , but i just wnt he to knw that i wished him sincerely + honestly . not bcz wanna get a praise from him .But exactly , perempuan mana yg taknak menjadi orang pertama buat orang yang dia sayangkan ?? Hmm ,
Well , i gave him a present that i bought yesterday . ahhh , it's so hard to buy something for a guy . [lol , thats mean i never give a present to any guy before this] . haha ! well , i'm not expected that i gave to him today bcz i'mma a bit shy to do that . BUt my chingu helps me . and i gave him ! But his face , not show the happy expression . oh ya , maybe he was shocked ! heee .
But before that , i noticed that seems like he was already got a present from somebody else but i dont know . ahh , still can't be the first one ! Hmm , nvm la . yela, my false la juga . Siapa suruh tak nak kasi awal pagi tu . huhh ~~ but its okay then ! i gave him with a willing heart . ALhamdulillah , he like it =)


[just for info : 4 Sept every year is Hari Hijab Sedunia. Rentetan dpd peristiwa Larangan Bertudung oleh French Govrnment pd 4/9/02. Hari ini genap 10 tahun.]

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