I've never forgotten about you even for a single day
♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

My birthday's picture :) edited ^^

Heyhey .
I'm just edited the picture just now. I don't know why i am so excited in editing a picture !
HAHA. well, only one ! HAHA

thankyou for being here :)

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

A few pictures time jamuan 4B2ST :)

Heyhey :)
Jumaat lepas, bersamaan 25/11/2011 , Budak2 kelas saya mengadakan jamuan kelas di ...
Ni, gambar yang saya sempat edit la. HEHE..
sikit je, saja ta nak masuk banyak. malas la :) ok, lets check it out !

1st, this is my picture. i snaped it myself since everyone was busy with their game.
On this time, i'm a camerawomen. HEHE.
so, i'm always at the back of camera :)

I'm not sure when we took this picture :) for sure la on that jamuan jugak ! HAHA.. this is my classmate and also know as my sister. HEHE :) i love you la.

Yeah, i edited it becames 1 ! HEHE. :)

OK, thats all i can show you. hehe :)
thankyou :)

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No credit No reply : thankyou for the wishes :)

Heyheyhey guys :)
How are you today? May ALLAH bless you on this wonderful FRIDAY :)

I don't know what to say . I don't whts on my mind .
For sure, i'm feel so sorry to AWAK cuz i can't reply his text for 3 days even his call i can't answer it. I can't reply his text not bcz i don't want , but bcz i don't have a credit. Ahh, damn it !
And i'm not answer your call not becz i don't want, but its bcz once you call me, i'm not with my phone. Thats why la :( Sorry cuz not inform you about it cuz i don't know what to do.
Sorry if i made you felt sad/dissapointed.
Please don't you ever think that i've forget about you. No ! i'm still and always remember you:) And will always miss you ^^
Anyhow , i'm apprecite your wishes to me. Woah, seems like you're so excited wished me uh?
HAHA, you've sent me a wishes about 8 times. HAHA. and absolutely you're the first one whos wish me :) Thankyou dear :) Will wait for your present. hehe

Yeah, 3 people touching with me cuz i'm not reply their text ! HAHA.
pity them and pity me .
so, i convince them by call them using my house's number . I said the truth la that i don't have a credit . Yah, Alhamdulillah , they're understand me :) Actually i don't want to call anyone, but they've force me to call them . Its bcz i don't want them to think bad about me :)
SO, please next time if i'm not reply you, it doesn't mean that i forget or don't want to reply you, its bcz i don't have a credit :) HEHE.
so, if you want to text me, better you topap for me la. HEHE.

ANyhow, thank you guys for the wishes ! I'm appreciate it :)

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

New Header :)

Hey guys !

Thankyou to my belove sister because she made me a new header !
It's awesome ! I love it :)

Lawa kan ? HEHE, got it !
My onew oppa as my header. Its cool ! HEHE
This is my first present on my birthday hehe. Its from her :)

Thankyou Scha :)

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

#wish birthday to ME !!


Finally, the day that i'm waiting much is comes.
WHEN ? that day is today !!

Happy bithday to me, happy birthday to me , Happy birthda to meeee.

saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
sarang ha neun syahirah shi
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da

Naega Saengil Chukka Hamnida ^^
May ALLAH bless me. Insyaallah :) Hope starting from now, i'll be better :)

Thankyou guys for the wishes :)
I'm appreciate it. HEHE. eh, wheres the present ? HAHA.
nevermind, i'm not really need it. I'm just nee dyou guys to be beside me always. HEHE

thankyou :)


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Night KISS **

Good night to all bloggers, readers and stalkers ^^

Have a sweet dream guys :)
This is kiss from my oppa's twin , SOng JOng Ki ^^


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MAMA2011 ^^

Now, its almost 1.30 A.M and i'm still awake bcz i've just finished watched MAMA2011 that has been held in SINGAPORE . Since i can't go to SINGAPORE, so i'm just watch it at home only on 8TV. so, thankyou so much to 8TV because shows that programme ^^
We're [ME] appreciate it . HEHE, will always support 8TV and Asian Music ^^

WOW, i'm so excited while waiting for MAMA to begin.
and becames more excited like crazy when its began ^^ But the early of the performance was not really interesting but since there has SIMON, i'm enjoyed it ^^
Then, ahh excited when i saw B2ST, SUJU, MISS A, HYUNAH..
Wahh, and whats the thing that made me shocked like crazy is... AHHHH,
SONG JONG KI and PARK SHI HO was there ^^ HAHA..
i didn't expect that they're will be there :) How happy am i . Anyhow, i can't scream because all people in my house were in their dream land ^^ keke

yah, about PARK SHI HO, i wonder why did hes not gave a speech together with his couple, Han Chae Young, but he was with another girl, well i don't know who was that girl. Anyhow, that was great bcz i'm so envy if he is with Han Chae Young :P
Yeah, i can see your greatest smile, oh SONG JONG KI. keke ^^
well, he is make me think about ONEW oppa. ahh, how i wish shinee will be there :)
Maybe next time. they'll join MAMA ;)

Yeah, btw anyone notice that Donghae doesn't look well. I mean, was he sick ? It's because he was look pale while they're went to take their trophy.
When SNSD Gave high5 to Suju, Donghae looked too pale, he wasn't showing a happy face! Wae?? T_T
Oppa, be happy . you guys wons for 3 award. cheers up oppa ^^
Please take a rest . you guys really need some rest :)

ANyway , congratulation to all the winners :
[ahhh, i'm forget already]
Please mention the others if you know. heee :)
Btw, if anyone whos miss MAMA2011 , you can watch it freely at

i hope, that'll help you :) HEHE..
enjoy it guys cuz i'm enjoyed it :)
Kamsahamnida :)

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Need new header :)

This post only for my adek "SCHA"
Look at my title for ths entry , yaa
i need new header .
Please help me dear scha :)

P/S :
Tak payah la letak URL blog ni.
Letak gambar dibwh ni. Kalau boleh crop biar ada bentuk badan je. plus muka mestla ada sekali.
And kekal kan gambar yg ada kat header lama k :) >

ayat yg nk letak kat header : "Enjoy every second of your life before it becomes too late"

colour, up to you la dear ^^ hehe, hope you can help me ^^

thankyou :)

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .