I've never forgotten about you even for a single day
♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

My birthday Present :)

ALhamdulillah :)
My birthday already passed , but there have a friend still wanna give me a present :)
Just now, i went to meet my lovely friend at the shop .
I though she only want to give me a money that she borrowed .
But, she also gave me a present .
Guess what ?



LOLXD . that PASHMINA look beautiful. and it's really suit for me.
Well, it might look more beautiful if i wear it . HAHA.
On this sunday , i'll wear it to attending the wedding :)
Ok, dear. i'm so appreciate your gift :)
I'll keep it wisely, i'll take good care on that pashmina as i take good care of myself.
We'll always be a good friend as you wish :)
Well, you know me .. imma not such a person thats easy to forget my own friend .

I LOVE YOU dear !

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .


Hey guys :)

Well, soon MAYBE i'll have my own page for business .
I'm really interest to do an online business.
I need to help my family and ofcoz myself. I want to earn some money for my family since my dad might quit from his job in this February.
So, to get ready .. we all need to think something that can earn money .
So, i'm just thinking about something thats easier to do and no need a lot of modal.


and i think i should think many more.
So, before that , i need your opinion about that .
And i'm really need supporter to support me in giving an advice about business.
I;m just ordinary girl whos don't know anything about business.

My AIM to do a BUSINESS only 1 !
thats ..

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

Before school coming

Well , time has passed so fast .
And now, all school student in Malaysia has only 2 weeks to prepare before school is coming next year , 3 january 2012 .
Same as me, i'm also a student and i'm gonna be on form 5 next year eventhough i'm not come of age 17 yet :) bcz i'm born at the last of the year .
SO, now i'm crazyly thinking about the stuff that i should buy such book , school uniform , stationary , shoes and more . Ahh, is it my money enough to buy all this stuff ?
NOt exactly , it's not enough !
Since nowadays, everything are expensive . AHh, such aan expensive live =='
PIty to them those who can't buy fo rtheir school stuff .
So that , i'll use the money wisely .
Just buy a stuff that i really need . Such school bag , i won't buy it cuz my old bag was still look good and still can use: )

NOt only prepare for school stuff , i'm also need to get ready in study .
I need to study for next year's biggest exam ,
ahh, i'm already old ! I'm gonna be SPM's candidate.
I think , i'm just get in that school last month.
HUh, times are really passes fast.
So, we need to use the time wisely :) Just do a thing that has a benefit ^^

SO, how about you guys ? Have you prepare for your school ??

ANyhow , i miss him so much .
Eventhough i'm not texting him nor message him on Facebook ..
It doesn't mean i forget about him.
Well, for your information , i did it bcz i love you so much . Hope you understand it :)
We shouldn't get too close like a couple or what so ever till our time is comes.
Please don't missunderstand about i'mma not massage you bcz i don't like you anymore. NO ! It's not bcz of that . Please . Do the same thing as i did if you love me .
If you love yourself . DOn't risk your life .

SIncerely :
syahirah ^^

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heee, dengar khabar SHINEE akan keluarkan album baru ?
Wahahha , sedang menunggu album tu.

Mey dengar antara lagu yang saya suka ^^

my background music for this blog ^^


The main song in this album ^^

Last season , they're went to France if imma not mistaken..
So, this is the report . HAHA.

This is only about ONEW , our great leader ^^
and also my oppa :)

Thats all i want to share :)

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

Pembuka kata :)

Sudah sekian lama saya tidak mengUPDATE blog ni . Rasa rindu pulak yek !
And sudah lama juga la saya tidak searching for kpop news.
Well , selama tinggal bersama sepupuku ,
Saya tiba2 jadi lupa mengenai kisah kpop yang selama ni saya minat :)
Since sekarang ni saya sudah kembali ke rumah saya, terasa pulak rindu nak search pasal kpop ni.
So, ape new nye ? HEHE..

see on the next post ^^

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .