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Hey hey hey you guys ^^
HOw are you there ? seems like i haven't posted here for long time !
Well , i'm #TEAMSPM2012
so that , i can't often online . I need to study and study for my future life :)
Today is the last day of school for this first week and i still have lot of weeks to go to school !

1ST day at school , i'm just like .. AM I ALREADY FORM 5 ? I'M SENIOR ? OH NO !! I'm still not ready to be FORM 5 student ! SO that , i need to prepare myself from that 1st day school ! Even i'm pretend to be 16 year old student ! HAHA . However , i need to study struggle from now onward to get what i want in my life ! Actually , i'm not exactly study for success , but i'm study because of want to get a knowledge ! That's what i think la !

3 hari di sekolah sudah berlalu
Homework pun semakin banyak . Well, i don't care about it because i admit that i'm really need homework to do at home ! AT least , by doing the homework , i can practise myself to be perfect!
I need to practice doing the homework / the question from now before the day of the BIGGEST EXAM arrive !

So, please pray for my successes guys !
I pray for my friends and me to reach success in SPM :)

sincerely : syahirah ^^

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

WELCOME to 2012 ^^


How are you guys on these year ? LOLXD. i'm not watch the firework bcz i was slept early ! It's meant that i cant wait to meet 2012. HAHA . JOKE JOKE !

Hmmm, gonna back to school on this WEDNESDAY !
ahh, the time passed so fast ! and i'm not ready yet to go to school !
What should i do ? BUt the first thing i'll do on the first day school is searching for my classmate.
HAHA :) i do . I need members la. SO, i won't alone on the first day of school :)

Btw, i'm feel so sorry to my teacher bcz i'm not go to the class on the last Saturday .

It was bcz i'm so busy with my HOMEwork !

Next, i'm feel bad for JAPAN bcz it's was hitted by 7.0 magnitude earthquake on the new year !
HOw pity they're. We're here celebrate + wished everyone with the NEW YEAR , but people in JAPAN got a bad news about that earthquake !

SO, meet you guys at school ya !! :)

sincerely :
Lee Jin Ki's future wife :)

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .