I've never forgotten about you even for a single day
♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

I miss my friends :(

Hye hye guys :)
even i don't have any mood for it. still didn't prepare for it. I'm not ready for it !
But, i want to go back to school, bcz i want to meet all my friends ! I MISS THEM ALL SO MUCH !

I MISS HIM as well . We haven't text each other for long time . And i miss that moment so much . We're just knew each other and got close only for 9 months maybe . I think, it was too short time. I want to be his friend forever . Truthly , i'm not hate him at all even he done so much thing to me . Oh, maybe that was my fault bcz said like that. Or that was my fault bcz made him got angry . Eventhough i knew him as well , i mean he's such a hot-tempered , i'm not really care about it ! Because saya dah biasa dengan kemarahan dia. Sometime, his hot-tempered can be a joke . BUt sometime his tempered can made me sad + cried . But , i'm never feel like want to hate him. Moreover, i miss him so much. I miss the moment when we're texted everyday + everytime . I miss the moment he treated me like his own sister . I miss the moment he made a noise in the class . I MISS everything about ! But i don't know how to face him at school next year . I'm scare but i don't know why i'm so scare. Ahh, i don't want our relationship [as friend] end like this and i don't want we end our relationship ! i don't want to lost my friend anymore.
If you read this , i hope you know what i'm feel . I don't meant that [the thing that made you angry last time] . However, I want to apologize to you. I'm so sorry :(


from my deep heart : SYahirah ^^

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My birthday Present :)

ALhamdulillah :)
My birthday already passed , but there have a friend still wanna give me a present :)
Just now, i went to meet my lovely friend at the shop .
I though she only want to give me a money that she borrowed .
But, she also gave me a present .
Guess what ?



LOLXD . that PASHMINA look beautiful. and it's really suit for me.
Well, it might look more beautiful if i wear it . HAHA.
On this sunday , i'll wear it to attending the wedding :)
Ok, dear. i'm so appreciate your gift :)
I'll keep it wisely, i'll take good care on that pashmina as i take good care of myself.
We'll always be a good friend as you wish :)
Well, you know me .. imma not such a person thats easy to forget my own friend .

I LOVE YOU dear !

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Hey guys :)

Well, soon MAYBE i'll have my own page for business .
I'm really interest to do an online business.
I need to help my family and ofcoz myself. I want to earn some money for my family since my dad might quit from his job in this February.
So, to get ready .. we all need to think something that can earn money .
So, i'm just thinking about something thats easier to do and no need a lot of modal.


and i think i should think many more.
So, before that , i need your opinion about that .
And i'm really need supporter to support me in giving an advice about business.
I;m just ordinary girl whos don't know anything about business.

My AIM to do a BUSINESS only 1 !
thats ..

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

Before school coming

Well , time has passed so fast .
And now, all school student in Malaysia has only 2 weeks to prepare before school is coming next year , 3 january 2012 .
Same as me, i'm also a student and i'm gonna be on form 5 next year eventhough i'm not come of age 17 yet :) bcz i'm born at the last of the year .
SO, now i'm crazyly thinking about the stuff that i should buy such book , school uniform , stationary , shoes and more . Ahh, is it my money enough to buy all this stuff ?
NOt exactly , it's not enough !
Since nowadays, everything are expensive . AHh, such aan expensive live =='
PIty to them those who can't buy fo rtheir school stuff .
So that , i'll use the money wisely .
Just buy a stuff that i really need . Such school bag , i won't buy it cuz my old bag was still look good and still can use: )

NOt only prepare for school stuff , i'm also need to get ready in study .
I need to study for next year's biggest exam ,
ahh, i'm already old ! I'm gonna be SPM's candidate.
I think , i'm just get in that school last month.
HUh, times are really passes fast.
So, we need to use the time wisely :) Just do a thing that has a benefit ^^

SO, how about you guys ? Have you prepare for your school ??

ANyhow , i miss him so much .
Eventhough i'm not texting him nor message him on Facebook ..
It doesn't mean i forget about him.
Well, for your information , i did it bcz i love you so much . Hope you understand it :)
We shouldn't get too close like a couple or what so ever till our time is comes.
Please don't missunderstand about i'mma not massage you bcz i don't like you anymore. NO ! It's not bcz of that . Please . Do the same thing as i did if you love me .
If you love yourself . DOn't risk your life .

SIncerely :
syahirah ^^

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heee, dengar khabar SHINEE akan keluarkan album baru ?
Wahahha , sedang menunggu album tu.

Mey dengar antara lagu yang saya suka ^^

my background music for this blog ^^


The main song in this album ^^

Last season , they're went to France if imma not mistaken..
So, this is the report . HAHA.

This is only about ONEW , our great leader ^^
and also my oppa :)

Thats all i want to share :)

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Pembuka kata :)

Sudah sekian lama saya tidak mengUPDATE blog ni . Rasa rindu pulak yek !
And sudah lama juga la saya tidak searching for kpop news.
Well , selama tinggal bersama sepupuku ,
Saya tiba2 jadi lupa mengenai kisah kpop yang selama ni saya minat :)
Since sekarang ni saya sudah kembali ke rumah saya, terasa pulak rindu nak search pasal kpop ni.
So, ape new nye ? HEHE..

see on the next post ^^

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Program di Kajang : ADIK-ADIKKU MUSIM 3

Heyhey :)
I have not been at my home for almost 1 weeks . Having my holiday with my cousin in Kajang :)
NO NO , i'm actually study with my cousin .
She's teaching me for all subjects since her mind is still fresh with the knowledge . HEHE.
So, all people out there going to the tuition , but not me ok :)
I have my own teacher , very great teacher ^^
So, since i have been here for many days , there has a lot of moments that i faced on.

My cousin and I went to UKM on the 1st day i've been there .
We went UKM [acted like we're UKM's students^^]
listen to the speech that my cousin's gave to PKIM's members and I'm one of them. hehe
On the 2nd day, we went to the UKM's library. hehe
Belajar macam budak UKM :)
Pandai kiteorang berlakon , HAHA.
part yang mencuakkan saya apabila penjaga library tu ronda kat area kiteorang duduk tu, tahutahu dia pergi stop dekat meja sebelah kiteorang and check whether budak tu student UKM or tak , time tu memang saya dengan cousin saya buat-buat study hard la.
Bila dia dah pergi , kiteorang terus siap2 barang and pergi dari situ. Kecut perut seyh walaupun baru je makan . HAHA.

Oh yah , hari ini [8.11.2011]
peserta2 ADIK-ADIKKU MUSIM KE-3 datang ke rumah cousin saya ni :)
Aww~~ semua comel2 belaka, ada yang nampak familiar ^^
Memang semua epak-epak[bahasa kami] belaka.
Sedang saya berkenalan dengan mereka semua, ada la sorang peserta lelaki ni yang membuatkan saya tertarik dengannya. HEHE.
Namanya Amirul Hafidz MOhamad - 11 tahun and paling penting dia stay dekat sg buloh !
HAHA. banyak saya tanya perihal tempat tinggalnya. HEHE.
Aleh2 saya dah tergelar dia dengan gelaran SG BULOH!
hehe, however, memang budak tu comel la ! oh yah, dia ada kembar tau ! namanya PARIS . eheh, Faris la namanya. hehe, PARIS gelaran yang diberikan oleh peserta2 ADIK-ADIKKU. hehe. Actually, mereka bukan kembar tapi wajah mereka nampak sama. Dengan tahi lalatnya ditempat yang sama and dorang berdua ni rapat sangat. HOHO.
Time mereka semua nak berangkat balik ke ILIM, kami buat permintaan daripada mereka dimana permintaan ini tiada pun dalam list attentive diorang. HAHA.
Kami suruh mereka menyanyikan lagu tema ADIK-ADIKKU. wah ! bersemangat beb !
Kami melawak dengan joined mereka m'buat persembahan. hehe.
Memang ADIK-ADIKKU ni happening la !
BTW , on this sunday , diorang ada perlawanan untuk semi-final !

I'm sure you can do it :) hehe.
Thankyou :)
from: Kajang ^^

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My birthday's picture :) edited ^^

Heyhey .
I'm just edited the picture just now. I don't know why i am so excited in editing a picture !
HAHA. well, only one ! HAHA

thankyou for being here :)

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A few pictures time jamuan 4B2ST :)

Heyhey :)
Jumaat lepas, bersamaan 25/11/2011 , Budak2 kelas saya mengadakan jamuan kelas di ...
Ni, gambar yang saya sempat edit la. HEHE..
sikit je, saja ta nak masuk banyak. malas la :) ok, lets check it out !

1st, this is my picture. i snaped it myself since everyone was busy with their game.
On this time, i'm a camerawomen. HEHE.
so, i'm always at the back of camera :)

I'm not sure when we took this picture :) for sure la on that jamuan jugak ! HAHA.. this is my classmate and also know as my sister. HEHE :) i love you la.

Yeah, i edited it becames 1 ! HEHE. :)

OK, thats all i can show you. hehe :)
thankyou :)

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No credit No reply : thankyou for the wishes :)

Heyheyhey guys :)
How are you today? May ALLAH bless you on this wonderful FRIDAY :)

I don't know what to say . I don't whts on my mind .
For sure, i'm feel so sorry to AWAK cuz i can't reply his text for 3 days even his call i can't answer it. I can't reply his text not bcz i don't want , but bcz i don't have a credit. Ahh, damn it !
And i'm not answer your call not becz i don't want, but its bcz once you call me, i'm not with my phone. Thats why la :( Sorry cuz not inform you about it cuz i don't know what to do.
Sorry if i made you felt sad/dissapointed.
Please don't you ever think that i've forget about you. No ! i'm still and always remember you:) And will always miss you ^^
Anyhow , i'm apprecite your wishes to me. Woah, seems like you're so excited wished me uh?
HAHA, you've sent me a wishes about 8 times. HAHA. and absolutely you're the first one whos wish me :) Thankyou dear :) Will wait for your present. hehe

Yeah, 3 people touching with me cuz i'm not reply their text ! HAHA.
pity them and pity me .
so, i convince them by call them using my house's number . I said the truth la that i don't have a credit . Yah, Alhamdulillah , they're understand me :) Actually i don't want to call anyone, but they've force me to call them . Its bcz i don't want them to think bad about me :)
SO, please next time if i'm not reply you, it doesn't mean that i forget or don't want to reply you, its bcz i don't have a credit :) HEHE.
so, if you want to text me, better you topap for me la. HEHE.

ANyhow, thank you guys for the wishes ! I'm appreciate it :)

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New Header :)

Hey guys !

Thankyou to my belove sister because she made me a new header !
It's awesome ! I love it :)

Lawa kan ? HEHE, got it !
My onew oppa as my header. Its cool ! HEHE
This is my first present on my birthday hehe. Its from her :)

Thankyou Scha :)

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#wish birthday to ME !!


Finally, the day that i'm waiting much is comes.
WHEN ? that day is today !!

Happy bithday to me, happy birthday to me , Happy birthda to meeee.

saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
sarang ha neun syahirah shi
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da

Naega Saengil Chukka Hamnida ^^
May ALLAH bless me. Insyaallah :) Hope starting from now, i'll be better :)

Thankyou guys for the wishes :)
I'm appreciate it. HEHE. eh, wheres the present ? HAHA.
nevermind, i'm not really need it. I'm just nee dyou guys to be beside me always. HEHE

thankyou :)


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Night KISS **

Good night to all bloggers, readers and stalkers ^^

Have a sweet dream guys :)
This is kiss from my oppa's twin , SOng JOng Ki ^^


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MAMA2011 ^^

Now, its almost 1.30 A.M and i'm still awake bcz i've just finished watched MAMA2011 that has been held in SINGAPORE . Since i can't go to SINGAPORE, so i'm just watch it at home only on 8TV. so, thankyou so much to 8TV because shows that programme ^^
We're [ME] appreciate it . HEHE, will always support 8TV and Asian Music ^^

WOW, i'm so excited while waiting for MAMA to begin.
and becames more excited like crazy when its began ^^ But the early of the performance was not really interesting but since there has SIMON, i'm enjoyed it ^^
Then, ahh excited when i saw B2ST, SUJU, MISS A, HYUNAH..
Wahh, and whats the thing that made me shocked like crazy is... AHHHH,
SONG JONG KI and PARK SHI HO was there ^^ HAHA..
i didn't expect that they're will be there :) How happy am i . Anyhow, i can't scream because all people in my house were in their dream land ^^ keke

yah, about PARK SHI HO, i wonder why did hes not gave a speech together with his couple, Han Chae Young, but he was with another girl, well i don't know who was that girl. Anyhow, that was great bcz i'm so envy if he is with Han Chae Young :P
Yeah, i can see your greatest smile, oh SONG JONG KI. keke ^^
well, he is make me think about ONEW oppa. ahh, how i wish shinee will be there :)
Maybe next time. they'll join MAMA ;)

Yeah, btw anyone notice that Donghae doesn't look well. I mean, was he sick ? It's because he was look pale while they're went to take their trophy.
When SNSD Gave high5 to Suju, Donghae looked too pale, he wasn't showing a happy face! Wae?? T_T
Oppa, be happy . you guys wons for 3 award. cheers up oppa ^^
Please take a rest . you guys really need some rest :)

ANyway , congratulation to all the winners :
[ahhh, i'm forget already]
Please mention the others if you know. heee :)
Btw, if anyone whos miss MAMA2011 , you can watch it freely at

i hope, that'll help you :) HEHE..
enjoy it guys cuz i'm enjoyed it :)
Kamsahamnida :)

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Need new header :)

This post only for my adek "SCHA"
Look at my title for ths entry , yaa
i need new header .
Please help me dear scha :)

P/S :
Tak payah la letak URL blog ni.
Letak gambar dibwh ni. Kalau boleh crop biar ada bentuk badan je. plus muka mestla ada sekali.
And kekal kan gambar yg ada kat header lama k :) >

ayat yg nk letak kat header : "Enjoy every second of your life before it becomes too late"

colour, up to you la dear ^^ hehe, hope you can help me ^^

thankyou :)

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3rd Giveaway By Yana

Hyeheyehey ^^
hari ini saya nak join satu contest ni.
Bukan la contest apa pun, cuma kali ni , Tuan punya contest ni nak kasi giveaway secara random kepada peserta. So, nak mencuba nasb la ni. hehe, Mana la tahu, rezek saya kan?
Amiinn :)

Mey sini join jugak.

Nak join , click kat banner tu. Kalau tak boleh click..

Ok, orang yang ditag :

eH, Kalau korang bak hati , tolong vote yana kat SINI ye ^^

thankyou :)
harap2 dapat gveaway ni.

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I've not update for many days . And today , i'm free . heee
YEAHH ! today , i went to school for RM100 .
keke , got my RM100 . Tapi, tak ada pulak rasa happy/excited . Cume rasa BERSYUKUR :)
Nasib baik dapat duit tu , kalau tak agaknya saya tak dapat la beli kasut baru. HAHA.
Oppsss, ANway , i've bought a new shoes . School's shoes.
Ahh, early right ? I odn;t la why i bought it too early. Feel regret jugak sebab beli awal.
My mom cakap kalau beli awal takut nanti tak muat pula.
Saya baru terpikir pulak time tu.
Ala, saya beli awal pun sebab takut duit tu habis pergi tempat lain .
[nampak sangat suka membazir]

Sekarang rasanya, boleh dikatakan tinggal lagi RM70 je. Aduyy,
Hope cukup la untuk beli baju and botol air ^^, HAHA.
Kalau lebih boleh beli beg sekolah :)

Actually, before dapat duit ni, dah senaraikan siap2 dah barang apa yang akan dibeli menggunakan duit ni . HEHE. preparation :)
Memang sedih sebab tak cukup. Tapi, kena la berjimat cermat sikit.
So, beli barang yang betul2 perlu je :)
Lagipun, yang tahun ni punya barang masih elok and ok :) HEHE..

p/s buat people yang dapat RM100:
GUna la duit ni pada jalan yang benar . Janganlah gunakannya untuk pergi berjoli.
Bukan selalu dapat . SO, berjimat-cermat la sikit :)


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Heyheyhey guys ^^
Hee, memang lama tak update blog ni.
Tiba2, ada benda yang telah memaksa saya untuk mengUPDATE blog ni.
Thankyou to CIK KIERA cuz tagged me for this contest :)
HEHE, contest apa ? ha, meyh tenguk ^^
Kali ni, saya join contest senyuman menawan ^^
Ok, saya hebat dalam melemparkan senyuman menawan. Ceyywahh. haha.
OK, teruskan je la yerkk ^^

[Click banner if nak join]
[or Click this > Link < kalau nk join ]

Gambar yang ingin saya pertandingkan ialah :

Opss, sorry, tak tahu nk pilih gambar. hehe.
Pilih banyak sikit sebab admin tu kata boleh lebih :) hehe..
Sorry la yek, saya tak lawa macam anda :( Tapi saya bersyukur. hehe

Orang yang di tag :



Harap2 menang :)

[Hadiahnya menarik sgt2 :) ]

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Malaysia Vs Indonesia

Heyheyhey ^^
Setelah sekian lama saya tidak mengUPDATEkan blog ni, pasti ada yang rindukan saya.
Ada takk ? haha. Since my last entry was about GC , you'all might been bored cuz always saw him and the same story about him in myblog. Sorry because i'm really don't have a time to

update my blog. BUSY ~~ wait , just busy to update ok cuz i'm still online on TWITTER.
YEAH, TWITTER my place where i can share my feeling, fighting with people, share my opinion and many more . So, if you've a TWITTER, do follow me. [Promote twitter jap]
So, for sure all of you watched last night football match , Malaysia Vs Indonesia right ?.
Yeah, i watched it too. In the same time, my hand was typing on the keyboard to update about that match on TWITTER. yah actualy not only me did that , but seems like all Malaysia whos has a TWITTER account. HAHA.
Seriuosly, if i leave my TL like that ONLY for 5 minute , It'll make me so hard so read the previous tweets , Because it'll be 30/40 news tweets.
Harshh, how can i read all that. right?
So, actually , berkat sokongan rakyat Malaysia di TWITTER sampai yang nak terkencing pun tahan semata-mata nak updatekan pasal bola ni.. Telah membuahkan hasil apabila
pemain bola sepak Malaysia , Khairul Fahmi and Nazmi Faiz telah ditrend kan di WORDLWIDE.

memang semua orang pun bertambah happy la.

Yeah, bertambah happy lagi apabila Malaysia menang melalui sepakan penalti
That captain , Badrul are a great CAPTAIN ^^
Yeah, Congrats Malaysia also been trending last night on WORLD WIDE

Ok, saya berbangga menjadi anak Malaysia :)


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Greyson Chance ♥♡

Heyheyhey ^^

I'm sure that all of you alreay knows Greyson Chance ^^
LOL, i know him on twitter and suddenly people always talk about him .
Oh, so, just know that hes came to Malaysia. WOAH !
pity me, i can't go to his showcase .
LOL, once i know him, i've fallen in love with.
Since hes such a cute boy and super duperr talkactive.

Yah, i've been a stalker just now and saw a pictures of girls thats hugged by GC !
Awww~ i'm so envy with her. Seems like GC is really like her !
You know what, thats girls is on his first ranked of biggest fans
Aww, how lucky she was.
So, i like his song " Waiting Outside the line". >.<
It's such a great song. If you read the lyrics.. you'll like it. .Because Its really give me a motivation :)

Yah, nice right ? So, this song will be a music background for my blog ^^
Ahh, i don't know how to describe about him..
Hes too cute even more than Justin Bieber . Yah, because i don't like Bieber much.
Eh, not because GC ok. I'm really don't like Bieber much.
DOn't know why but admit la his voice is great!
But, like GC more since hes so adoreable and superr talkactive. and oh what ?
Hes young than me and has the same age with my lovely sister. HEHE.

Yah, i like him because hes such a talkactive^^
i like talkactive person. So that, i won't ever feel bored if we're meet. HAHA.

Like the way he acts ^^ Look so cute :)
Hehe, keep talk about him until my twitter's timelines is flooded with tweets about him ^^
If you follow me, you'll know how much i'm talked to him. hehe
Just waiting for his reply.
I know hes busy now doing his promotion for his new album..

Ok, i should stop here since there might has somebody who'll get jelouse ! HEHE

HAHA. didn't sleep from 1 A.M until now 4.30 A.M
And the good news is, i'm going to school today ! Ahhhh ==''

Ok, tweet you later GC ^^

thankyou :)

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Dinner 2011

Heyheyhey ^^

Nak tahu citer pasal perjalanan saya dan adik beradik saya pergi ke Palace Hotel The Golden Horse takk ?? mesti nak kan ? HOHO. meyh,, baca sampai habis taw !

Begini ceritanya ..
Semalam, company ayah saya ada buat dinner. Memang tiap tahun buat.

Kali ni buat kat Hotel yang saya cakap kat atas tuh !
Ayah, Mak and adik2 saya yang kecil pergi gerak dulu sebab ayah saya kena pergi awal..
So, yang masih dirumah saya, 3 org abg saya and adik saya ^^
Then, dalam perjalanan kiteorang pergi , tiba2..
YA ALLAH , jem teruk seyhh ! start dri jalan pudu...
Ye, sepatutnya kiteorang ikut jalan tuh, disebabkan memikirkan minya kerata yang hampir habis, dengan temperature kereta yang makin high , kiteorang terpaksa patah balik , cari jalan yang boleh membawa kiteorang ke stesen minyakk..
Then, ingatkan nak ikut jalan federal , tapi, seramm bhaii tenguk kereta yang penuh kat jalan raya tuh !

Pastu, pergi la lalu jalan Gasing.. memang jauh giler la kiteorang pergi..
Then, ayah kiteorang call. yang angkatnya saya..HAHA, kesian bhaii, kena marah pulak sebb dia tunggu kiteorang dekat Hotel tu lama kot. ngeh2. Then dia marah jugak sebab kiteorang pergi ikut jalan jauh/patah balik..
Time jalan kat Jalan Gasing tuh, abang saya ni dah pening, tak tahu nak pergi mana.. sebb semua jalan jem . Then, dia pergi Uturn pulakk. Sebab dia memang tengah blur dengan lupa jalan nya lagi ! HAHA. kesian betul kiteorang.. Then ayah saya call lagi..
buat kali keduanye saya angkat and kena marah lagi.
OK, fine, tak ape. sabar je. hehe..
Pastu abang saya ada masuk satu lorong ni.. Jalan ni memang tak jem la..
Itu yang saya cakap kat dia ..
["Jalan tak jem nk lalu, sampai tak tahu kat mne"] semua yg dlam kereta gelak.
Mana tak nya, nak lari dri jem punya pasal..
HAHA, sebb laluan tu laluan pergi ke arah kilang mana tah kan..
memey la tak jem ..
Pastu tiba jumpa polis kat depan tuh.. hey bhaii, jalan sehala la kat situ..
Yang kelakar nya, boleh pulak polis tu tanye..
["nak saman ke nak patah balik"?]
Aku time tu ada cuak and marah jugakk. dalam masa yg sama dok gelak je. HAHA.
mana tak nya, soalan nth ape tah yg dia tanya..
Nasib baik selamat.. LOL, dah la semua org duit tak ada. HAHA.
[sedih je time saya bukak dompet saya, ada 50 sen je]
HAHA.. ^^
Then, berkat kesabaran abang2 saya, kami sampai jugak kat Hotel tuh..
Kelihatan kelibat ayah saya yang sedang menunggu kami di pintu Lobi ..
Alhamdulillah, sampai..
Ingatkan nak patah balik rumah je sebb smeua jalan jemm.. hehe.
Sampai2 tu, terus amek makanan ^^

[kek coklat^^ hehe, tapi sayangnya ckeeze cake ta ada :(. anyhow, sedap!! ]

[yang ni, memg saya nampk western sikit la.. nasi tak makan, just makan daging kambing dengan ikan je. HAHA. sedap seyh . btw, tu bukan nya wain ok! tu air anggur. HAHA]

Performance yang diperformkan oleh budak2 kerja ayah saya, not bad la..
Tpi , tahun lepas punya lagi best la ^^ hehe.
Anyhow, saya tergelak2 jugak. hehe ^^

Btw, semalam lepas habis majlis tu, kami sekeluarga tangkap gambar kejap.
Terlintas pulak difikirang utk amik gmbr dengan sibling..
It's call, sweet couple sibling ! HAHA..

[ saya ,akak sulung dengan abg sulung saya, wah, sama tinggi kan ? hehe]

[ adik sayang yang kedua dengan abang saya yang kedua , hehe.. sweet kan?]

[ini dia, the most sweet couple, hehe, my mom and my dad]

tak kan gambar couple je kan? gambar family ada jugak ^^

[hehe, my happy family ^^]

thankyou :)

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