I've never forgotten about you even for a single day
♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

Tuhan , jagakan dia =')

I wanna share with you guys a song sang by Motif Band . i dont knw them actually since my first time heard their name was when i was told by my friends and this song is so touched ! i love it . Lets listen to it . This song actually dedicated to my dearest . [seriously i miss him so much since we haven't text each other for long time since both of us busy with school + study <i guess only him> hehe . But its okay if we aren'r text . it's actually for our  benefits jugak cuz "tiada yang menghalalkan hubungan kami" . So we just wait for the right time . InsyaALLAH , if he's for me ,  ALLAH help us . Amiinn]
Lets listen to this song ! =D

Semoga kita dapat mengenali diri masing2 sebelum melangkah lebih jauh . Semoga hubungan kita sebagai "kawan" ini dapat merapatkan lagi ukhwah kita . Semoga kita dilindungi daripada melakukan maksiat + perzinaan . Semoga hubungan kita mendapat keredhaan dripada ALLAH . InsyaALLAH , Amiin .

I'm so sorry kalau selama ni i;ve done anything wrong on you . sorry if i mke u feel uncomfortable , sorry if i'm not talk to you when me meet , sorry if buat awk terasa sorry for everything . i just want you to knw that i'll love you forever , InsyaALLAH =')

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

Trial of war had finished ~~

Salam Ukhwah to all of you . ALhamdulillah , till now i'm still breathing ! Thankyou so much to my only one GOD , ALLAH ! Thankyou so much . [have you guys says almhamdulillah because you guys still can breath? if not , do it by NOWWW !! ] it's just to make sure that you're greatful + thankful + remember bout the graces that ALLAH gve to you n me . well, it's just to remind you and myself , just in case you forgot . 

So , i'm just passing by after long time i didnt come here to update ! well , this is what SPM candidate will face on ! so much busy with schedule n dont hve time to update. for your information , i just finished the TRIAL and seriously it was so difficult ! ya ikr that trial spm isn't the easy things to do . SPM is more easy than trial though ! it's wht peoples said la . But i think they're right ! For this trial , i target to get 4 A , 4 B n 1 C . Eventhough i'm not sure that i'll achieve my target , but i ask myself to be confident and i try ! 

Unfortunately , so far .. i lose 3A n 1 B . kyaaa ! still hve 5 more subjects that still didnt knw the mark ! since i knw i had lost my 3A and 1B , i guess i wont get any A anymore . but ! please , i'm begging on 2 more papers for A ! even i get only 1 A , i'm so thankful ! ahh now , i'm just wait patiently . i can't blam anyone for such that worst mark/result . It's all my fault . i didnt do an early preparation . I dont think i'll get straight A'+ in SPM if i still not change my attitude ! So , i have only about 5 weeks though before the SPM ! i want to make a full revision , do a note and just study ! what should i do now is focuz on study ! NOT TWEETING , FACEBOOK-ING , BLOGGING / ANYTHING ! i hope i'll do that ! BABA , please cut the internet line for awhile please ! -begging- ahh , or let me stay at aunt's house . -sigh- cuz i can't do that .

 btw , now my friends and i are in our way to apply for matrix ! but why i can't apply for it ? always got error ==' ahh maybe it's meant that i shouldn't go to matrix ? lol , btw my bro also not encourage me to go there . Ya , i think so ! i guess maybe i should go for diploma . it's more easy right ? well maybe i'll apply for all [asasi,diploma and matrix] HAHA . and i still thinking what course should i take ! since i'm interest in fields of nutrition , i guess i want to take kulinary course . but my bro said that cooking can be my ancillary course but i must to think the main course that i should take ! i guess i'll go forward Food Science and Nutrition "Sains Makanan dan Pemakanan" . It's consist of Biokim . It's okay then ! Ahh maybe i'll think about it again ^^ However , good luck for SPM to all SPM candidate ! WE CAN DO IT !!

Wassalam =)

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .