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Malaysia Vs Indonesia

Heyheyhey ^^
Setelah sekian lama saya tidak mengUPDATEkan blog ni, pasti ada yang rindukan saya.
Ada takk ? haha. Since my last entry was about GC , you'all might been bored cuz always saw him and the same story about him in myblog. Sorry because i'm really don't have a time to

update my blog. BUSY ~~ wait , just busy to update ok cuz i'm still online on TWITTER.
YEAH, TWITTER my place where i can share my feeling, fighting with people, share my opinion and many more . So, if you've a TWITTER, do follow me. [Promote twitter jap]
So, for sure all of you watched last night football match , Malaysia Vs Indonesia right ?.
Yeah, i watched it too. In the same time, my hand was typing on the keyboard to update about that match on TWITTER. yah actualy not only me did that , but seems like all Malaysia whos has a TWITTER account. HAHA.
Seriuosly, if i leave my TL like that ONLY for 5 minute , It'll make me so hard so read the previous tweets , Because it'll be 30/40 news tweets.
Harshh, how can i read all that. right?
So, actually , berkat sokongan rakyat Malaysia di TWITTER sampai yang nak terkencing pun tahan semata-mata nak updatekan pasal bola ni.. Telah membuahkan hasil apabila
pemain bola sepak Malaysia , Khairul Fahmi and Nazmi Faiz telah ditrend kan di WORDLWIDE.

memang semua orang pun bertambah happy la.

Yeah, bertambah happy lagi apabila Malaysia menang melalui sepakan penalti
That captain , Badrul are a great CAPTAIN ^^
Yeah, Congrats Malaysia also been trending last night on WORLD WIDE

Ok, saya berbangga menjadi anak Malaysia :)


Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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