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♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

Fly to Turkey

Salam Ukhwah to all of you . Well , i've been told about that my beloved cousin will go to overseas to continue her study . Well , She choose to study at Turkey . It's because she like Turkey so much . I knew that she can grab this chance . i knew it ! And i believe that she can do the best for it ! 

Ah ! she got it ! I proud with her and i'm glad to knw that she will go to Turkey to continue her study . In the same time , i'mma feeling sad since i cant go for "kenduri kesyukuran" tonight at her house [actually only for family , so just kecil-kecilan] I cant go since my parents is now at Seremban ! InsyaALLAH , tomorrow i'll go KLIA to send her off  >,< ahh , why the time passed so fast ? we aren't even hve a time to talk much b4 she go . Ahh , maybe tmrrw i'll talk with her as much as i want !! I wanna grab this chance to hve a talk with her since she might be back 8-month after . fuhh ~ thats long time though .
I'm gonna miss her so much and much !! 
Ya ALLAH , protect her from bad thing while in a journey or at Turkey .  Make her journey going well . Amiin.

Well , i'll always remmber her advice that i hve to study smart to get a great result as her . Dont do it for A , just do it for after .. ~~

Well , Wan Nurun Nasihah !! I love you and i will miss you so much !!!

sincerely - your cousin .

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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