I've never forgotten about you even for a single day
♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

I'm backk !

Hallo everyone =) yaaa it has been a verryyy veryyy veryyy long time i haven't spent my day hereuu writing something for you guys /slapped/ -acting like people reading my blog- hahahhaa ! /coughcough/ How are you guys ? I'm just good !
Last time i wrote hereu was .... -checking the post- ..11thMAY2012?
KYAAA I quit from writing a blog because of my SPM ! -duusshhh-
OTL ! talk about my SPM , do you want to know how was it ? -sigh-
I didnt get a veryy bombastic result but i'm thankful to ALLAH cuz give me a chances to get A /slapped/ i got 2A2- fttttt ! enough . thats only ! HAHAHA
Well everyone might be wondering where have i been after that [ada orang kesah ke?] HAHAHA , just act like people care about me la .
Well , after my SPM ! i been a babysitter for my cousin's baby ^^ Awww,
Baby are veryy cute ! I have been called my "IBU MUDA" hahahha ! well , it's make me eager to get baby /coughcough/ did i mean i wanna get married fast?
it was about 1 month i being a baby sitter , then on the other month..
It was january btw i started work at THE STORE ! /slapped
I'm not working under The Store but i work in The Store !
more detail : BUTIK QASEH infront of KEDAI BUKU PUSTAKA MINDA AND NEARBY PERJABAT POS ! hahahhaa . people will definitely found me =D
I wasn't verryy confident at first working there because .. ahaa you know me ! I'm not sommeone that talk much a.k.a shy person bhaa ! I'm not confident if i can serve my customer well ! When customer comes , i will step back and .... err aaaa errr aaa ! lol -speechless- 
But thankfully , there has my work-partner that really kind to me and she taught me how to serve customer ! AHAHAH ! and now , I'M DAEE TO THE BAKKK ! I CAN SERVE MY CUSTOMER verryy well [perasan jap] and i'm being too talkactive with all customer [but not to my boosss] HAHAHA .
Well , i like be her work-partner . Sedar tak sedar , We're really a partner ! perangai sama2 gila ! Ada satu hari tu , we're laughed verryyy loud and people complained because we make a noise ! HAHAA.
But .. 2 months i worked with her , she left .. wonder why [tahu but buat buat tak tahu] We never meeting again after that ! 
She left and replace with a new worker ! Well , we've get along ! OWO if you know me , you will know that i dont really care who i work with , just i can get along with anyone i met =)
I just working there for 3 month n half fully ! and now i continuce doing partime which is i will go work if worker is holiday ! It's niceuu ! i will have more time to spend at home ^^ 
And yet nowww !! i'm doing business online =P kindly to visit my business page :
Only by seeing the page name , i think you guise know what types of thing that i sell ! kkkkk , YEAHH ! i'm selling kpop merchandise n PULIZZZZZ SUPPPORT ME
I'm still new .
The reason why is : i wanna find my own pocket money . lolz since i will go to university soon InsyaALLAH ! so please support me =)
Thankouuuu !!

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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