I've never forgotten about you even for a single day
♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

Going to my hometown :)


Yeahh , finally i can go back to my hometown tommorow . Yeah, i can celebrate an EID with my grandparent especially , and all my cousins there ! Exciting ! ==, . But, it's make me feel curious because HE said that he's worried + sad . i don't what is it about . and he's gonna tell me on the fiesta of our class on this end of the year though ! Yah, can;t wait to hear that . However , i should and must accept what ever he say . Like what have i said, i don;t care if he don't like me. At least i've tried my best to tell him about it . Yeahh ! so that , i think i can accept whatever he want to say . Even he want to say that he love/like other girl. I don't care. But, i'm just can't accept if he ask me to forget him . I CAN'T DO THAT ! mianhae :( Because i love you much ! Hope , you'll take care yourself while i'm not here. HEHE .

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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