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Happy Independence Day Malaysia !

Assalamualaikum , Salam Ukhwah to all of you =)

It has been awhile after i'm not updated my blog ! yes , surely i miss to write here but just felt lazy to do that ! got online but don't want to write here . But since he gave me an inspired to write here , so today i'm here ! HAHA .

Well , as you guys known , today is our Malaysias' Independence day ! Chulkhae to our peacful country . Alhamdulillah , it has been about 55 years our country free from colonized . n Alhamdulillah Malaysia still in peace . But sometime , i'mma feeling weird . Most of teenagers says that they're proud to be Malaysian . BUt they don't even do something that shows they're proud to be Malaysian . Even the Malaysian as well . Did you guys have seen any flag around you ? I mean , this year seems like everyone don't care anymre about our this Independence day . If last year , i had saw lot of flag on cars , stick on light pole , been flutter on roof and everywhere i go i saw the flags . But what about this year ?

See ! spirit of independence bcming decrease day by day . I'mma so sad to know that . BUt i hope that even they aren't flutter the flag , they're still got that spirit of independece in themself . Even i haven't see it yet .
Just wonder if our country will be colonized again just bcz of Malaysian not unite . Hmm ..

Lastly , Happy independence day Malaysia !! =D

wasalam !
Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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