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End-up my life as Matriculation's student

Ya Rabbi , How are you guys, sisters and respected brothers ? I hope everyone will be always in a good condition , stay healthy =) I haven't been here for very long time since i became Matriculation's student . I think you guys knw already why . It's because i'm so busy with study [study ker?] haha .
People said that all of Matriculations students are intelligent because we are study for a short time and then continue for DEGREE . But then i dont think so . I mean , not all Matrix student are intelligent . They are just same like other people who study DIPLOMA / STPM (?) . In my opinion , Matrix is actually teach student to be more independent which is student will learn on how to arrange their time wisely for study / eat / sleep / do some sport and etc since they've only a short time there . Matriculation is not a university yet , but students in matrix is already 1 step to enter university . But like i said , they have to arrange their time wisely.
I'm Nursyahirah Binti Sulaiman studied at JOhor Matriculation College
matrix no MS1316524*** from MT5 
I'm PST student which also know as " Program Satu Tahu" .
I'm taking Science Stream Module III which is i take Biology .
All the memories when i was in JOHOR MATRICULATION COLLEGE , i will always keep it in my mind. Thats right , most of my senior said once we step-out from Matrix , we will definitely miss Matrix.
And that is what i feel now .
I'm no longer Matriculation student since i already leaved . So sad ! 

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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