I've never forgotten about you even for a single day
♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

Story mory about MT5

SALAM UKHWAH brothers and sisters =)

taken at 13.09.2013 (theater musical kuda kepang)
Here we go , They are my MT5's members ! I love them . so whut ?
Alhamdulillah , whereever i go , ALLAH won't never let me be alone . There will always has people around me.

MT5 consist of 25 students including me . SHould i introduce you all members ? KAJJA !

Anis - Sofwa - Syifaa - Zulaikha - Hani - Suhada - Fatin Hamizah - Fatin Afiqah - Afiqah Hanim - Khadijah - Murni - Farah - Zulinazira - Shashira - Hidayati - Intan - Putri - Wan - Akma - Shahida - Haziqah 

Ajmal - Izzudin - Izmil

She is my bestfriend in MT5 & in whole KMJ =) She's someone who's very clumsy , blur . You can see her blur face everyday ! She has my sense . I mean , we like to look at chinese boy . Whenever got chinese boy pass by , we'll look each other and smilee . As usual , i will save her seat for lecture . When she step into lecture hall , with her blur face .. she will find me . If she didnt found me , she will ask "syahirah mana / nampak syahirah" . HAHA , her face tell me / tell our MT5 that she looking for me . HAHA .
Every moment we're together , or even not together she will snap a picture . She said that the picture can be prove for our moment =)

Seriously if people don't know her , people might not understand her like i was used to do last time when i'm not really close to her . She's someone that talk very loud like shouting eventho she didnt mean that . She talk so fast n sometime it's hard for me to understand her . It might seems annoying . Yeah i admit that . But it has been about 4 & half months i knew her . So , it doesn't matter on how she behave . because IT IS HERSELF =)
[won't never forget that we're went out-ing to buy somethings for our theater]

I'm so excited to have friends from UTARA and she's from Penang . She has my sister's name which it Syifa' =) She's very tall and ofcoz pretty. She like to make a cute voice such as "kuchi kuchi " - you'll hear this voice in adverticement of Strepcile . HAHA . If you look at her face from far , you can see twin of squidward , kekeke (i'm sorry Syifaa) .

Also known as Kak Ton =) what a cute name . HAHA . People said that we're look alike , but we dont think so . But still if we go anywhere we'll pretend that we're twins . haha . She's someone who's very cool . I mean , i dont think i've see her with clumsy bhaviour. Kak Ton always said "I'm flawless" / "flawless like me" . HAHA , okay she is ! Besides , she is very creative =) Thankyou Kak Ton for your art . I love it so much !

A cute little girl with glasses =) She's remind me to my friend (Marini) because their characteristic almost same . short | talkactive | hyper | "manja" . Hani , i will snap some photo of Hagia Sophia for you later ^^

Another cute little girl which is so manja . Suhada is the given named =) She's kpoper like me . She has a fake smile and fake laugh . Hahaha .

We became closed since we're in one group for KO-K . She's so kind . Always help people especially me whenever i've a problem in study . She will try to figure out the solving eventho she dont really know .

She was new in our college . I still remember , she was with blue baju kurung just standing at the door of chemistry lab . I was really hope that i can always with her in order to help her related to our college since she's new . She's so friendly , kind , intelligent =)

I wont never forget that she was my partner for Biology practical =) She came from Pendang, Kedah .

Her nickname is Katty =) She is so manja and comel ! =) We're always exchange our story about "kpop" (?) eventho it is during lecture , turorial and practical. If we're together , we'll be kpop reporter . HAHA . On my last day at college , i dont expected that she will cry . OMG ! i'm sorry Katty for leaving you =(

Murninya !! haha , She's very cute . has a very good voice and ofcoz she's very active in class =) She like to shout "Adooyyy" whenever she got hitted by Kak Ton . That sound is veryy annoying but its still cute =)
I wont never forget that the massage she did to me during lecture was the best massage in order to avooid me from feel sleepy =)

I salute her because she will always go straight to lecturer and ask something that she dont understand . We've been a partner for props (theater) . She's a very good helper /coughcough/ partner . But she's a bit clumsy . Oh yeay i can see it when we're preaparing our props . SHe's hot-tempere ! Believe me ! =D

I called her as Iera , it's more easier =) She's someone who's very hardworking and always help people . Ofcoz i wont never forget that she had help me preparing for our props eventho she's not from props.

Her name is very close to my name . So when people call her name , sometimes i thought that they called .
She's very active in class =)

She has taught me on how to answer stiochemistry's question . She's very talkactive and very very manja.

Nothing i can say about her but just one , HER VOICE IS VERY COMEL ! =)

Her name doesn't mean that she came from royal family . hehe , She looks like Barbi . MashaALLAh so pretty when she give a smile =)

She dont like to be hug . i dont know why ! even when teacher wanna hug her , she said "i dont like hug". HAHA , so cute . oh ya ! she's really cute ^^ very kind =) and manja ^^ Thanks to her bcz accompany me to HEP last time . I'm so sory because i can't bring you to KL since you said you wanna go to TIMES SQUARE =(

She came from Terengganu . If she talk terengganus' during tutorial , everyone will laugh because of the loghat ! she's so cute and manja as well =) I still remmbr when we slept in my room . when morning cames , she's missing . HAHA . Since our block is a bit haunting , everynight whenever got a screaming voice .. she will ask me at the other day whether i heard that voice or not. haha.

Both of them has the same behaviour (a littlebit (?)) . They're just like a twin . Their dress-up almost same .

I think he's the best leader eventho he's not our monitor .. He's someone who's very naughty , talkactive , hot-tempered , intelligent . I can't forget the moment when he got mad since we're not give a good coorperation during our prepation for theater . He once been a very quiet boy that he hasn't done bfore . And ofcz if there has any change to superactive person like him , people will feel curious and so we were . He don't actually like to work with a girls. I know why bcz i feel the samething too . But for some project , we've to work on it .
He's also can be a good teacher maybe ? haha , sometimes i join study group with him and i'm just okay to hve him as friend . why not , he's kind and understanding . On my last day , never/dont expect that i will get a text from him ! OMG , he's been emotinal due to my leaving ! haha, just like ... orzz it's not him ! HAHA . btw, thankyou to him bcz help me a lot =)

They are not that talkactive bcz they're shy shy boy =)

YA ALLAH , my hands getting cramp . HAHA . so , thats all about my MT 5 ^^

I wish all the best for you guys , success in your life , hereafter . DOn't forget your friend (me) and pray for my success =)

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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