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SPM countdown

Hi peeps ! How are you ? I'm good ^^ Long time didn't updated this BAD BLOG . Well , i'm very busy with my schedule . So today i'm a bit free for make people never feel boreing whenever you come visit mine :) Btw , thankyou for your support ^^

So , as you guys already knows , I'm SPM's candidate . And till now , i'm not even do any revision yet . I'm becoming lazy and lazy day by day . and I DON'T LIKE IT ! I'm really want and hope that i'll be as hard working as before ! Waking up early in the morning to study and sleep at late of night . I want to do it again just like i did when i was form 2 . That's form 2 and didn't has any important exam that i should faced on . But why i can be hardworking like that ? Maybe i know why i'm like this [laziest's girl] when i was form 3 and form 4 , and now form 5 .

When i was form 2 , i'm sitted infront of teacher's table . So maybe i'm feel awkward and scare + worry , so i'm never missed any work that given by teacher . I'm always done my homework . Moreover , i'm the monitor . SO i need to be the best among my friends . All teachers are so kind to me . That's why some of my friends a bit jeloused with me . But , i'm just keep do my best until i got an offered to transfer to the best class [3A] . I'm happy but in the same time a bit sad because will separate with my bestfriend . But , in my mind , i only think that i can be more good than before . But , i'm wrong !! So i know that i can't be with peoples which is better than me . It'll make me think that i can't be like them . Like that la . Always think something bad that'll happen to me . That's why i'm not got a great result for PMR . same goes to when i was form 4 .

My classmates are brilliant . Maybe people will think that i'll be better if people around me is great . BUt i don't know i can't stand with people's which is better than me . However , i changed my assumption that i should be with them and learn something from them . I just think about it this year ! I hope and wish i can compete them ^^ . AMiinn :)

I'm now worry about SPM even i'm not even sitting for trial yet . I'm just wonder what will happen to me if i can't get a great result for SPM ! i'm so envy with my cousin who was got 8A1B for her SPM [2011] and now she's planning to study at turki . Aww , i'm really really envy her =( I'm just wonder whether i can be like her or not . From now on , i should study and study just like i did before . I should try my best to get the best result that will make my parents proud with me :) And hope i get a barokah from ALLAH . MAY ALLAH Bless me and the rest :) AMinnn ^^


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Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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