I've never forgotten about you even for a single day
♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

still like him ! no others !!

Uh ! i didn't expected that i can have a lot of fans / can like him ! LOL . i dont think that much ! But , why uh ? i'm felt different when i talk to him . Yah ! sometimes i'm feel awkward when talk with him . it is normal la kan ? em, don't say that i like him . NO ! i can't like him because i'm just act him as my friend ! UH , not more than that . I CAN'T ! since i'm still like a.k.a love my "SI DIA" , no one can replace him in my heart ! Cehh , but , seriously i think i like him ! BUt, just like as my friend ! even he has made me cried , i'm still can accept him as my friend . WHY ? heyy , this is me la. i'm such a kind person . my heart is very soft ! LOL :D for those who has knew me , they might know .. what is the things that will make me cry . IS IT ? on this year , i've cried for 3 times because somebody got mad on me . Yah , that's my lack. BTW, thats mean , i love them ! :D O, STOP talking about him since i've not talk about SI DIA for long time . arghh , since he said that my SI DIA will like somebody else , so i'm always watch him from far . yah, i can see it to. i think he like my friend :( Its all my fault because i'm not confess my felling early. Ahhh, you should accept it dear ! But, it's ok la. "Kalau ada jodoh , tak kemana" . am i right ? So, i'll just wait for him ! :D

Sometime , i'm think ! how lucky am i if he's like me too . sometime , i'm think that i hope we can be a sweet couple like "Bella + Robert" . Such a sweet couple !! awww ~~

But, so far .. i can't feel it yet ! and i dont think my SI DIA andi will be such this couple ! we're not "sesuai" . :(

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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