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Birthday Sarah + Shaza

Assalamulaikum ..

For your information , Sarah and Shaza 's birthday had past . So, wani and I plain to buy them a present . The present for a girl wasn't hard to find than a present for a guy . am i right ? HEHE . easy not easy , but we still take 1 hours to find the present for both of them XD . Firstly , we went to Fully Shop . but there wasn't has any nice things. So, we went to LIVING CABING . yeah , we've found something great for both of them . And we bought a watch and Angry bird for Sarah . we've bought that Angry bird for Sarah because she's like to get angry . so, whenever she get angry , it's easier to her to hit people who's make her get angry ! HOHO. XD

Then , today [9/9] , Sarah , Amiratul , Hazmi and I went to TS to celebrate Sarah's birthday . So, we bought 1 small cake for Sarah . It's small , but .. arghh .. the taste was so nice + delicious XD . Unfortunately , we can't finished the cake , so we gave to "pekerja foodcourt" XD. Today was such a fun + happy day . Alhamdulillah XD . emm, i think .. we're orang yang paling lama duduk kat foodcourt . Mane taknye , we're took some picture to make it as memory XD . Huh , hopefuly , when my birthday is come , they'll celebrate my birthday :)

[Sorry , i've a broken english XD ]

Thank you :)
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