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MAMA2011 ^^

Now, its almost 1.30 A.M and i'm still awake bcz i've just finished watched MAMA2011 that has been held in SINGAPORE . Since i can't go to SINGAPORE, so i'm just watch it at home only on 8TV. so, thankyou so much to 8TV because shows that programme ^^
We're [ME] appreciate it . HEHE, will always support 8TV and Asian Music ^^

WOW, i'm so excited while waiting for MAMA to begin.
and becames more excited like crazy when its began ^^ But the early of the performance was not really interesting but since there has SIMON, i'm enjoyed it ^^
Then, ahh excited when i saw B2ST, SUJU, MISS A, HYUNAH..
Wahh, and whats the thing that made me shocked like crazy is... AHHHH,
SONG JONG KI and PARK SHI HO was there ^^ HAHA..
i didn't expect that they're will be there :) How happy am i . Anyhow, i can't scream because all people in my house were in their dream land ^^ keke

yah, about PARK SHI HO, i wonder why did hes not gave a speech together with his couple, Han Chae Young, but he was with another girl, well i don't know who was that girl. Anyhow, that was great bcz i'm so envy if he is with Han Chae Young :P
Yeah, i can see your greatest smile, oh SONG JONG KI. keke ^^
well, he is make me think about ONEW oppa. ahh, how i wish shinee will be there :)
Maybe next time. they'll join MAMA ;)

Yeah, btw anyone notice that Donghae doesn't look well. I mean, was he sick ? It's because he was look pale while they're went to take their trophy.
When SNSD Gave high5 to Suju, Donghae looked too pale, he wasn't showing a happy face! Wae?? T_T
Oppa, be happy . you guys wons for 3 award. cheers up oppa ^^
Please take a rest . you guys really need some rest :)

ANyway , congratulation to all the winners :
[ahhh, i'm forget already]
Please mention the others if you know. heee :)
Btw, if anyone whos miss MAMA2011 , you can watch it freely at

i hope, that'll help you :) HEHE..
enjoy it guys cuz i'm enjoyed it :)
Kamsahamnida :)

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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