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♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

Need new header :)

This post only for my adek "SCHA"
Look at my title for ths entry , yaa
i need new header .
Please help me dear scha :)

P/S :
Tak payah la letak URL blog ni.
Letak gambar dibwh ni. Kalau boleh crop biar ada bentuk badan je. plus muka mestla ada sekali.
And kekal kan gambar yg ada kat header lama k :) >

ayat yg nk letak kat header : "Enjoy every second of your life before it becomes too late"

colour, up to you la dear ^^ hehe, hope you can help me ^^

thankyou :)

Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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