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♥ ALHAMDULILLAH YA RABB . May ALLAH send me to Uthmaniah earth safely.♥

Finally Year Exam ?


As everyone knows that i'll sitting on a big exam for this 2011 years . I'll be face on FINAL YEAR EXAM on next week. But, wht have i done before i face on that ? Just a bit of revision . Is it enough to answer the question from JPNS and follow the format of SPM ? AHHH !! i don't think it's enough . So, i need to do more revision !
Yeah , i'll since i've new spirit because of him. Alhamdulillah . Actually , not 100% because of him la. but, he has gave me a new spirit to study :) Thank you my boy. I love you ! BTW, hopefully i'll get a great result that can make my parents feel proud with me :) Aminn. besides can make my teachers, friends and him proud with my hardwork :)
Ahhhh, stay cool .. don't get stress ! uh, pressure pressure . calm calm calm ! =='

Thank you :)
Thankyou for reading :) Give me some advice .

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